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Employer & Recruiter Partnership Services


Our mission is to produce the most highly competent, safety conscious, and effective commercial drivers on the road through partnership with professional educators and distinguished employers to achieve lasting career success, benefiting our students, local enterprise, and workforce development.

Employee & New-Hire Training Program

Invest in the growth of your commercial driving operations by partnering with Passage CDL School to empower your workforce. Our specialized CDL training services are designed to elevate your employees’ skills and value within your organization. Our CDL school offers comprehensive CDL training programs that develop your employee’s commercial driving competency and foster a deep understanding of industry regulations and safety protocols. Through our expert instructors, your employees will develop a heightened sense of responsibility and adaptability, ensuring they become valuable assets to your operations.

Our training equips your employees with hands-on experience, problem-solving abilities, and real-world simulations, enabling them to excel in a variety of driving scenarios. Whether it’s enhancing their existing driving skills or transitioning to commercial driving roles, our tailored programs cater to every need. Your employees will bring heightened professionalism, safety awareness, and efficiency to their roles, benefiting both your organization and their personal career development. Elevate your team’s capabilities with our CDL training and witness the positive impact on your business.

CDL Graduate Job Referral Program

Discover a reliable source of well-trained and skilled commercial drivers through Passage CDL School. We provide our students with career placement assistance to reputable employers of commercial drivers like your company. Partnering with Passage CDL School means gaining access to a pool of top-tier CDL driver candidates.

Passage takes pride in producing proficient and safety-conscious commercial drivers who are fully equipped to meet your business needs. With our comprehensive training programs, we ensure that our graduates possess not only the necessary driving skills but also a deep understanding of industry regulations and best practices. Our experienced instructors work diligently to cultivate disciplined, responsible, and adaptable drivers who can seamlessly integrate into your operations.

We recognize the importance of reducing your recruitment and training time, which is why we focus on producing drivers who are job-ready from day one. From long-haul to local routes, our CDL graduates are prepared to tackle any driving challenge while maintaining a strong commitment to safety, efficiency, and professionalism. Elevate your team with our skilled CDL drivers and experience the difference of partnering with a CDL School dedicated to meeting the needs of employers like you

Why Employers, Recruiters, and Motor Carriers Partner with Us

Eliminating Driver Shortage: The shortage of qualified CDL drivers can be a significant challenge for employers. Passage CDL school produces job-ready, skilled, and disciplined drivers who can seamlessly integrate into your company’s operation, helping your company address your driver shortage more effectively.

Reducing High Turnover Rates: High turnover rates can disrupt operations and increase costs for employers. Passage CDL school is your solution. Our approach to lower turnover is by focusing on comprehensive training that not only teaches driving skills but also emphasizes the importance of job satisfaction, safety, and long-term commitment.

Regulatory Compliance: Keeping up with the ever-evolving regulations and compliance requirements in the trucking industry can be overwhelming for employers. Passage offers comprehensive instruction that covers the latest regulations, ensuring that graduates are well-informed and compliant from day one, thus saving employers time and effort in additional training.

Prioritizing Safety Concerns: Safety is a top priority in the trucking industry, and employers are always looking for drivers who prioritize safety on the road. Passage emphasizes rigorous safety training programs utilizing our experienced instructors who instill a safety-first mindset in students. Your company can have confidence in the preparedness of our graduates to prioritize safety.

Minimizing Skill Variability: Employers often face the challenge of hiring drivers with inconsistent skill levels. Passage CDL School offers personalized training plans based on individual skill assessments. This tailored approach ensures that employers receive drivers who meet their specific skill requirements, reducing the need for extensive additional training.

Employer & Recruiter Partnership Benefits

Customized Training Programs

Passage CDL School offers tailored training programs designed in collaboration with employers ensure that your graduates possess the exact skills and knowledge required by their fleets. This minimizes post-training needs, enabling a seamless transition from the classroom to real-world driving with your company.

Access to Real-Time Student-Employee Training Progress

Passage CDL School utilizes state-of-the-art, web-based software used to record a students progress throughout their training. Employer Sponsors are provided an account to enable them to login anytime from any device and view each of their students’ attendance, progress, assessments and grades. Your company will have complete transparency on your student-employees throughout the entire program.

Discounted Training Program Pricing

Passage CDL School offers our Employer-Partners discounted pricing for using our CDL training program to train your employees. We recognize your company’s commitment to us as your CDL training partner, and in return we provide our Employer-Partners with tailored exclusive pricing options that ensure your investment in your employees’ growth is both rewarding and cost-effective. Our belief in fostering long-term partnerships means that when you entrust your employees’ training to us, you’re not just accessing a first-class curriculum and high-quality facilities; you’re gaining a strategic advantage in your industry. With our discounted pricing, you can optimize your training budget while still ensuring your workforce receives the premium education that has become synonymous with Passage CDL School.

Credentials & Approvals

  • Texas Workforce Commission (TWC) Career Schools and Colleges
  • US DOT Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) Entry-Level Driver Training (ELDT) Training Provider Registered
  • Workforce Innovation & Opportunity Act (WIOA) approved
  • Workforce Solutions (Texoma Board) High Demand Job Training (HDJT) Program approved and Eligible Training Provider List registered

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Passage CDL School partners with commercial motor vehicle carriers, recruiters, and other employers to provide dedicated top-tier training for your employees and job placement assistance. Please contact us to inquire about our employer partnership program below.